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My name is Nishikido Ryo


Nishikido Ryo; The Sekushii Osaka Man
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Welcome to sexyosakaman, a daily picture community for the SEXIEST Osaka Man in the world, Ryo Nishikido.

Anyone is welcome to join and can do so by clicking the "join this community, click here" link above the user info.
In order to have everything run smoothly, there are some rules to be abided by. Yes, having rules is sucky, but we don't want to have any dramas here, so please follow them.


ONE. ABSOLUTELY NO FLAMING OF ANY SORT. That's instant ban-ation right there.

TWO. Please try to credit all your picture sources, if you can. We ask that you do this because out of common courtesy, but if you can't remember where you got the image from, don't stress too much about it. The intahnets is a big place. We won't hold it against you.

THREE. LJ-CUTS ARE SUCH LOVE. We don't want our scrolling fingers to get cramps, cause it's seriously NO FUN, so please abuse the crap out of LJ-CUTS. Please think of your friends pages and OUR SEXY OSAKA MAN LAYOUT which will get munted if you don't use LJ-CUTS.

FOUR. PLEASE TRY TO STICK TO THE THEME. To save everyone from seeing the same pictures posted 385738758 times, we'll be having weekly themes and all pictures posted should follow that theme. But if you happen to find a picture of Ryo drunk/naked/making out with Ayumi Hamasaki or anything intermaresting like that, FEEL FREE TO POST IT ANYWAY :)

FIVE. RESPECT EVERYONE. Not just Ryotan and your AWESOME COOL mods, but your fellow members as well. If someone decides they want to upload a file for the comm, comment and thank them for the upload. If they scan some lovely new mags for us, comment and tell them how awesome they are. If they translate something for us, tell them you want to be their fangirl. DON'T do stupid shit like hotlink their files, yell at them for posting what you think is an ugly picture, or FLAME THEM IN THEIR PERSONAL JOURNALS. That is not cool and if you do that you will be smote. By Johnny-san himself.

SIX. CRACKY HUMOUR IS WELCOMED, but please realise that not EVERYONE is into that kind of stuff. If you're going to make certain comments that might offend others, it's best to put up a bit of a warning or something of the sort.

SEVEN. PREASE TO FANGIRL RYOTAN. If you're not a fan of him, well, there isn't much you'd like about this comm.

EIGHTO. And lastly, HAVE THE FUN. This is meant to be a place where we can all drool over this Sexy Osaka Man, so try to make the most of it.

See now, those rules weren't THAT much of a ball breaker, were they?

THIS WEEK'S THEME for the time being that will be changed when i can be arsed:
NEKKID RYO ; Because lack of Ryopple makes a fangirl sad D:

Your lovely mod mod modsters: Ai (aiturnizzle) & Mira (saihara)
Layout info: Layout is designed by Mira with a scan by ihearyourtears, and a template from peoplemachines which I customized. =D;;

Any questions should be directed to the mods. Feel free to drop us a comment or an email :)

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